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Back in 1958 the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company set Stanley Horzempa up with $1500 dollars worth of merchandise and dealership status, but it didn’t all start there.

Stanley was born here in the United States, but shortly after his family relocated to Canada. During World War II he enlisted and served as a technician in the Canadian Armoured Corps, Ontario Regiment. Having been told he needed to return to the USA or thus forfeit his American citizenship he opted to leave his hometown of Wawbewawa, Ontario and set out for Elba, NY where one of his uncles resided.

He showed up in Genesee county driving a peculiar three-wheeled car called a James Handyvan made in 1930 by the James company of England. This strange vehicle landed him on the front page of the Batavia Daily news (picture to the left). If you look closely at the photo, the car has a motorcycle girder front end. Apparently, there were only two of these cars ever shipped to North America at the time and Stanley had one of them.

After working on the muck for a time, Stanley was hired on as a truck driver for Granger’s & Co. Shortly thereafter he met his wife, Thera Sanders. They were married in 1951 and in 1952 Thera gave birth to their daughter Debra. Three years later in 1955 Darryl was born. Having very little money, the Horzempa’s were able to purchase a small plot of land on State St. Rd. in Batavia. They built a house there constructed from wood they scavenged from an old railroad house when the train system was re-routed outside of Batavia.

Stanley had a close friend named Don who operated a smal


Release Date: March 21, 2020