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“In a single year, public utility companies have over-billed their customers $19 BILLION dollars!”
-US House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee

What if we told you utility based taxes and State fees fluctuate constantly, but your Utility Company doesn’t always adjust your bill to reflect these changes. That’s right, you may have been overcharged thousands of dollars, and would have no way of knowing! That’s where we come in; our team specializes in not only auditing the taxes and fees, but also locating billing errors that can add up to, in some cases, hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you spend more than $2,000 per month on any individual utility bill, including electricity, telecommunication, water, gas, or sewage, it’s time for an audit. You may have money available that you never knew existed.


-Provide 1 month’s bill of the utility/utilities you’d like reviewed,

-Submit an LOA (Letter of Authorization) with your company’s letterhead.

-Submit a signed copy of the Contingency Agreement with the services you want audited.

If we discover you’ve been over billed, we will work to procure a full refund and renegotiate your bill to ensure future billing is accurate.