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About Us

Our mission is to provide a unique, relaxing and clean environment where people of all walks of life can practice float therapy, to experience a deep restorative state of being that will rest and revive their body and mind. We are also the only float center with over 45 years of experience in selling flotation sleep therapy products: beds that utilize the pressure relieving concept of float therapy, with customizable comfort levels, temperature control and water, all in a mattress that looks like any other.

Meet Gary VanValkenburg. Since the 1970’s, it’s been Gary’s passion to help people sleep better. He and his family started a family-owned mattress and furniture store in 1974, and although it changed its name a few times, thousands of western New Yorkers knew it best as The Bed Room Store.

Fast forward to 2011: Gary hired Brandon Buckel at The Bed Room as a flotation sleep systems salesman and IT guru.

The pair was introduced to flotation therapy several years later. Gary floated for stress relief and pain management from arthritis. Brandon, a migraine sufferer, floated regularly for pain relief.

They instantly knew that this natural, healthy, powerful and affordable wellness practice needed to come to Genesee County and neighboring communities of the GLOW Region. They also recognized how important it was to continue providing clients flotation sleep therapy beds, as float therapy and these systems went hand-in-hand in offering continued pain relief to their clients.